Poglia Selects

Poglia Selects

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This collection incorporates some of the most limited Poglia goods; each is a one-of-a-kind, handmade experimental piece made in extremely small batches. Once sold out, these pieces will be made-to-order only.

No two Poglia knives are the same. Each blade is hand-drawn and forged from repurposed steel, and cut mostly from reclaimed plow disks; This is our signature. Everything is done the old-school way. Poglia knives are handled by eight hands, from the initial design to the final polish. The utility knives come in a trim leather sheath.

If an item is temporarily out of stock, it may be possible to make-to-order. Be sure to note the style, quantity and materials you have in mind: hello@poglia.co, send us an email.

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