A note about our Bags


For the weather aged bags, we keep the process natural: we age them by exposing them to weather and later, by treating them with natural oil.  As the leather ages it will darken and develop a unique patina & finish.  

Since we expose our bags to the elements to age them organically, it's possible they may develop natural stains. We don't have control over this, that's the beauty of the process.  Although we slightly expedite the aging process for weather-aged bags, each bag may age at a different rate. 

To expedite the aging process, you can give the bag a little "sun bath" for a few hours, and then treat the bag with oil. You can use a natural oil (we use olive oil, actually!).  We recommend dabbing a bit of oil on a small portion of the bottom of bag to test it out, before applying it to the whole bag.  Over time, with every day use,  your bag will develop a natural, darker patina.

As a note: Age your bag at your own risk.  No two bags are the same, each bag will age in a different way.  Poglia is not responsible for damage incurred during the aging process.

Although the Poglia Porter is capable of holding some hats and other objects on the outside of the bag, Poglia does not claim responsibility for lost or damaged items. Please be aware when using it to carry items. The Poglia Porter bag fits a variety of hat sizes, but not all. The hats in our sample photos have a diameter of approximately 12 inches.





Weather aged (風化加工)のカバンとは、自然の状態で加工したものです。しばらく外気に触れさせた後、天然オイルを施します。皮は時間の経過とともに色濃くなり、個性豊かな独特の古艶(パティーナ)や風格が出ます。