Poglia is a lifestyle brand heavily inspired by natural elements and age-old handcrafted techniques. 

We strive to embody quality, utility and sustainability on all fronts, and are proud of our devotion to ethical and sustainable processes. We're committed to preserving the history & uniqueness of our materials and practices. We're careful about what we bring into the world; Poglia only works with recycled materials and organic things that nature affords us.


We source our materials from local farms in the South of Brazil, not far from where founder/designer Maximiliano Poglia grew up. We utilize sourced remnants of old carbon steel, 100% recycled brass, and reclaimed Brazilian hickory and reimagine them as functional art, heirloom pieces intended to last for generations. 

For many of its pieces, Poglia also sources buffalo horn, and cow horn & bone, which remain as byproducts from southern Brazil's long agricultural history and noble Gaucho culture. These materials come from a region known for its “green cows” and ubiquitous buffalo.

Poglia knives are handled by eight hands from the initial design to the final polish in New York City, where we are based. Each knife is handcrafted in Brazil by a small team of local artisans, all overseen by Poglia. Each blade is forged by a second-generation master blacksmith.

Nearly all of our steel is reclaimed from forgotten agricultural tools, like plow disks that were abandoned after their first lives. Each knife blade is hand-drawn, cut and forged from these plow disks. Using this reclaimed steel is advantageous in that it improves the strength, durability and a unique blade finish that is impossible to replicate.


Poglia bags are handmade by a family-owned workshop in the South of Brazil. Each bag is made with nearly one-half of a leather hide.

Poglia only uses vegetable tanned leather certified by LWG GOLD, an organization whose objective is to develop/maintain a protocol that assesses the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers and promotes sustainable environmental practices. Like our other goods, all original markings and natural imperfections are preserved to maintain the uniqueness, integrity and form of the original materials.  All left over leather scraps are then used to make leather sheaths for Poglia knives and/or small accessories with near zero waste.