Poglia x Old Joe Japan


Max Poglia founded his lifestyle brand, Poglia, in New York in 2013.  From hand-cut, forged and hammered knives to handmade leather bags, everything at Poglia is handmade using natural materials. In a market where quality is often undermined by quantity, Poglia strives to revisit old-world traditions and symbolize, as the NYTimes Style Magazine stated, “a throwback to simpler days for the modern man.” All of Poglia’s “ruggedly handsome” products are made to age and improve over time, like a great pair of jeans.

 7,000 miles away from New York in Japan, Old Joe is pursuing a similar goal.  Known for its vintage feel with a contemporary twist, Old Joe exemplifies “modern gentlemen’s clothing.”  Its denim is meant to last and represents the union of traditional Japanese dyeing methods and hand-sewn precision.

Poglia and Old Joe share adoration for craftsmanship, tradition and product durability.  This is how Poglia met Old Joe.  It’s this common ground—their shared attention to quality and respect for the trade—that unites them. This is Poglia x Old Joe Japan.