The Poglia Porter (Hat Holder)

The Poglia Porter (Hat Holder)

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The Poglia Porter embodies classic design with a modern twist on utility. Perfect for the traveler looking for a place to lay his/her hat. 

At Poglia, we use one piece of vegetable tanned leather, nearly one half of a skin, to make our bags. That means fewer seams and improved overall durability. No two Poglia bags are the same. Each bag will retain markings from the original skin. We preserve these natural imperfections to enhance each piece's character and individuality. 

Natural Finish vs. Weather Aged
Our natural finish is our lighter leather finish, comparatively. Although it’s “cleaner,” it may still have some scuffs and stains, which we preserve to keep the leather’s natural character. Over time it, like all of our bags, will develop a natural patina.

The weather aged finish is our signature; it’s age-old color comes from our weather-aging process by exposing the bag to the elements, and by treating the leather with natural oils to expedite its patina.

Materials: Handmade with vegetable tanned leather, brass details.
Size: 18 in. x 5 in. x 13.5 in.     

- Please note: in the winter months, when the sun isn’t as strong in New York, the weather aged bags may be a bit lighter due to less exposure to the sun.
- The weather-aged bag pictured developed its unique patina over the course of 6 months. 

*How to: Age your own bag using our Weather Aged process.

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To keep the process organic, we age the bags by exposing them to weather and later, by treating them with natural oil.  Because we expose these bags to the elements they may develop natural stains. We don't have control over this, that's the beauty of the process.

During the Fall/Winter months in NY, our daylight hours shrink.... during these seasons, please allow a bit more time for the weather-aging process to occur.  For the same reason, the weather-aged color may be a bit lighter. Still, with frequent use over time the leather will darken and develop a darker patina. The more sun the bag is exposed to, the faster the patina will develop!